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Air Mattresses for sale at LA Hospital Beds. We have a huge selection of various hospital beds for pressure sore treatment and patient comfort. The types of air mattresses vary from complete air mattresses, where the whole mattress is completely air pumped, to foam/air mattresses, which is a foam and air combination that is able to adjust in firmness. For patients suffering from bed sores, we recommend complete air mattresses that offer alternating pressure therapy. Alternating pressure is crucial, because it is able to alternate inflation and deflation throughout the mattress. This allows the patient to be relieved of any pressure being built of from prolonged bed use. Bed sores vary from stages 1 to 4, and depending on the stage, the air mattress will vary. For the early stages 1 to 2, simple air mattresses with alternating pressure will get the job done. For more serious cases in stages 3 to 4 a better air mattress is needed that has LAL and Lateral rotation. With LAL (Low Air Loss) you are able to keep the patient cool in the bed and relive any sweating. With Lateral Rotation, the mattress will be able to rotate the patient from side to side in order to fully relieve pressure in serious areas. Please call our trained staff for assistance in finding the right air mattress.