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Sore Prevention Mattresses available for purchase at LA Hospital Beds. Huge selection of various sore prevention mattresses. Different comfort levels are available for soft or firm/ All sore prevention mattresses reduce shear and help protect the skin from friction. This helps prevent bed sores and reduce skin irritation. We recommend sore prevention mattresses for patients who are spending much more time in bed or patients who are prone to bed sores. If patient are spending the entire day in bed, we do not recommend sore prevention mattresses. An air mattress would be preferred because it will completely reduce friction and shear making it safe to stay permanently in bed. Sore Prevention Mattresses are great for customers looking for something comfortable and long lasting. The basic mattresses are designed for short term and non frequent use. Prevention mattresses are designed for everyday use and will lost longer than a basic mattress.

Sore Prevention Mattresses

Hill Rom AccuMax Mattress

Sore Prevention Mattresses

Invacare Softform Premier Mattress


Sore Prevention Mattresses

Medline Advantage Contour 3.3 Mattress