Our Bed Selection

Basic Hospital Beds

These Home-Quality Hospital Beds are an economical solution for those requiring minimal bed positioning. Basic Hospital beds have spring frames and come in manual, semi-electric, full electric, and full-electric low models. A mattress and pair of side rails are included with the purchase of a Basic Hospital bed. Bed accessories such as a trapeze or bed extension are also available. Upgradable mattresses are also available with the purchase of a Basic Hospital Bed.

Long Term Care  Hospital Beds

These are high quality beds and are built with quality and comfort in mind. Long Term Care  Hospital Beds have solid steel frames and are fully powered with maximum adjustability. Many long term care hospital beds also offer advanced positioning including Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, and a chair position. These positions can be crucial for patient comfort and may be needed for many health conditions. The beds come in a standard twin extra long size frame, but width and length extensions are available . They come with headboards and footboards to blend with your home decor and provide a moderm look. Bed rails and other bed accessories can be easily added to these beds. These beds are height adjustable, allowing them to be lowered or raised off the floor as needed to easily transfer someone to a wheelchair or patient lift. These beds are great long-term care options that are built with quality and durability in mind.

Hill-Rom Beds

These are available in twin, full, queen and split king sizes. They are fully powered and have independent head and foot adjustments. They are a long-term solution for those with arthritis, circulatory and respiratory conditions and many other chronic health conditions.

Heavy Duty Hospital Beds

No bed is complete without a mattress. Options are available from foam to luxury inner coil spring models. Factors in this decision would include how long you plan on using the bed, how long each day a person will spend the bed and the individual medical needs of the user.