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Top quality Basic Hospital Beds for sale at LA Hospital Beds. Basic Hospital beds offer the key adjustments needed at an unbeatable price. With various choices, you can find a basic hospital bed that will best suit the users needs. The Semi and Full Electric hospital beds are the most popular. The main difference between the two beds is the base adjustment. The Semi-Electric bed is able to adjust the head and feet electrically, but the base must be cranked manually in order to height adjust the hospital bed. The Full Electric Hospital Bed is the best selling option that ensures you have everything needed at a great price. It offers complete full electric adjustment of the head, feet, and the whole entire bed. We recommend the Full Electric Hospital Bed for all customers who are looking for a basic hospital bed because it is very easy to use and reliable. We offer competitive pricing and fast delivery on all of our Basic Beds. Please give us a call for assistance in choosing the right bed and mattress or to find out about our special offers.