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Long Term Care Hospital Beds for sale at LA Hospital Beds. We offer a huge selection of long term care beds, with multiple sizes and features. This allows users to find a bet that is right for them, and will have all the features needed going forward. All long term care beds offers full electric adjustments, which include the head, feet, and whole base of the bed. This is a standard feature on every long term care hospital bed. The major differences between the beds would be the heights that the head, foot, and base adjust to. Other features include the cardiac/chair position which sits the bed up into a seated position. This is designed for patients with cardiac or respiratory conditions, but it is also great for users who are looking to watch TV or eat while in bed. The final feature that the long term care beds can have is Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg. This lays the patient flat with the feet higher than the head. Reverse Trendelenburg is the same thing except it lowers the feet and raises the head section of the bed. With all this features available it can be hard to find the right bed, that is why we have trained bed specialists who are just a phone call away. Please feel free to call us with any questions and we would be happy to help find the right bed.

Long Term Care Hospital Beds

Invacare Carroll CS7 Bed Package

Long Term Care Hospital Beds

American Liberty Hospital Bed Package


Long Term Care Hospital Beds

Joerns UltraCare® XT Bed Package